IFAC International Festival of Art and Construction Portugal 2017




The main idea of the workshop is to create performative prototypes which allow to reconnect the participants with nature working directlu with her. For that reason, we should say that the aim of this workshop is double.

On one hand, we will analyse the environment, its vegetation, sounds, views, textures… so as to recognize it in order to create this spacial prototypes from natural materials that converse with the enviroment.

On the other hand, we would have to carry out a creative work in order to convert the organic material from the space around the Festival into small installations that strengthen the dialogue with nature, learning to deal with creativity and techniques of construction at the same time and discovering the properties of each material and its way of use.

We want to project and build together some small intimistic spaces from where participants and residents would be able to feel the nature and reconnect themselves with her through the senses.


The workshop will mainly be an open space for collective experimentation. At the first moment, the group will work from the senses, listening, tasting, and feeling the places and its characteristics. Then, after sharing and discussing together the different ideas, we will concretize 2 or 3 structures by designing and building them.

The division of the workshop in small phases (recognition of the place -design – construction) will allow participants to get involved at different moments of its development.

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After a walk in the nature, the result was “O Ninho”, a meditative space made just with natural elements.


The common idea was to build ” a little meditative space where to enter inside walking in and touching his walls having a good point of view on the sky

Through the movement of our body, we try to show the imagine of ours ideas to be more communicative with all the group. This exercise was fundamental to share  immediately and easily what we expected to live in our space.

Beginning with a rope, we have defined the shape of the spiral, trying different times.

Defined the spiral, the construction began…

O Ninho was inaugurated with a music jam session during the sunset. Everyone gathered to know o ninho and enjoy the sunset accompanied by good music.